3 Simplified Hospital Cost Accounting Methods [Infographic]

Shrinking hospital margins headline much of the healthcare news these days. But how do you know if your margins are shrinking if you aren’t sure what your costs are. 

In order to assess the profitability of your hospital, you must know what your hospital costs are.

In this infographic we have highlighted three common Hospital cost accounting methodologies.

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Cost-Accounting-Guidebook.pngHow to Quickly Set Up Hospital Cost Accounting

You know you should be doing it right? But the idea of implementing a cost accounting solution for your hospital is overwhelming. Where to start?

We get it. That’s why we’ve put together this guidebook, with information on how to get cost accounting system set up quickly in your hospital.

This guidebook includes:

  1. A review of three common methodologies for hospital cost accounting.
  2. Recommendations for setting up a cost accounting solution quickly.
  3. Examples of cost and profitability reports for your hospital.
  4. Considerations before beginning a cost accounting implementation project.

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Stephen Manna