[Podcast] 2017 eCQM Reporting: A Plan for Hospital Success

This week we release the very first episode of our new podcast called Quality Matters, a show for healthcare professionals working to improve the quality of care in a hospital setting.

It’s the beginning of 2017 and it’s time to put into action all of that great planning you did in 2016. What’s that? You say you’re behind? Well you’re not alone! Not to worry, in this week’s podcast Kristen Beatson, Director of Electronic Measures at Medisolv talks to us about what has changed for eCQM reporting in 2017.

So if you haven’t started planning for your 2017 eCQMs yet, sharpen your pencils cause it’s about to get Quality nerdy up in here.


Who we talked to:

Kristen Beatson, RN, is a Registered Nurse and the Director of Electronic Measures at Medisolv.  She has more than 15 years of experience in the Clinical Informatics field including several years in the hospital environment as a Clinical Analyst managing and supporting advanced clinical application implementations. At Medisolv, she helps hospitals go from eCQM implementation all the way to successful submission and all of the painful steps in between.

What we cover:

  • Why do eCQMs matter and why hospitals should care
  • 2017 eCQM requirements for the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program
  • Evaluation of the recent CMS statement on the IQR program for 2016 and 2017
  • Critical Access Hospital requirements and how they differ
  • The Joint Commission’s 2017 eCQM requirements for the ORYX accreditation program
  • Steps for the first year of eCQM implementation
  • Steps for the following years of eCQM maintenance
  • The biggest challenges hospitals will face with eCQMs in 2017



CMS Statement: Click here to read.

A complete list of 2016 data submission timeframes is below:

March 13, 2017 deadlines:
EHR Direct or Data Submission Vendor (QRDA I or III) – 1/3/17 – 3/13/17
Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QRDA III) – 1/3/17 – 3/13/17

March 17, 2017 deadline:
Web Interface – 1/16/17 – 3/17/17

March 31, 2017 deadlines:
Qualified Registries (Registry XML) – 1/3/17 – 3/31/17
QCDRs (QCDR XML) – 1/3/17 – 3/31/17

eCQM 2016 Extended Deadline: “The extension is for the submission of electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) data for the 2016 reporting period, pertaining to the fiscal year (FY) 2018 payment determination.  The deadline has been changed from Tuesday, February 28, 2017, to Monday, March 13, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. PT.” – CMS

Medisolv’s First Year eCQM Implementation Plan:

Medisolv’s Yearly eCQM Plan:


Overcoming Challenges with eCQMs

July 27, 2017
1 P.M. ET | 12 NOON CT | 10 A.M. PT

How easy was it for your hospital to submit the required four eCQMs to the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting program this year? Well if you are like most hospitals, it might not have been a walk in the park. More like a juggling act performed while hiking up Mount Everest … in a raging snow storm.

In this can’t miss webinar, Medisolv will share a yearly eCQM strategy that takes you from initial implementation all the way through submission to CMS. We will point out common pitfalls that many hospitals struggled with and how to overcome those problems in advance.

In this webinar you will learn:


  • Understanding and keeping up with the regulatory requirements and specifications;
  • Required eCQM data element mapping updates for the correct specification version;
  • Assessing and choosing the measures for submission to the IQR program;
  • Implementing changes to Clinical Workflows;
  • And creating hospital-wide adoption of Quality initiatives.

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Erin Heilman