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Quality Reporting and Management Software

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Medisolv understands the unique challenges faced by providers and hospitals in this rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Multiple overlapping quality reporting programs are stressful for hospitals and medical practices alike. For more than 15 years, Medisolv software solutions have helped hundreds of health systems successfully monitor and report their quality results. The core of our solutions is quality reporting software that uniquely leverages EHR data to help clients improve quality, lower cost and increase efficiency. We combine our innovative software with value added services and subject matter expertise to provide complete quality reporting and analytics solutions to both medical institutions and individual doctors.

Quality Reporting and Management Solutions

Quality management is a complex undertaking that relies on advanced software functionality, knowledgeable clinical consultants and highly experienced engineers. Medisolv combines all of these needs into one complete quality reporting and management solution across ambulatory and inpatient settings.

Medisolv was the only vendor to report Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) patient data to both CMS and The Joint Commission in the first year of the eCQM pilot program. We also were the only vendor in the country to meet The Joint Commission “Core Measures” quality reporting requirements through the eCQM only reporting option.

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Our Solution:

  • Gets all of your CMS and Joint Commission quality reporting done on time using a single software platform and our data submission services.
  • Ensures your data is valid and accurate because our software empowers you with tools to analyze it in great detail. Our consultants are there to help for complicated cases.
  • Keeps you ahead of the game. While others struggle to get through their current submissions, you will have already received your software upgrade with updated specifications and are working with your partners at Medisolv to plan for next year.

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Value-Based Payments Solutions

Quality reporting has rapidly evolved from a passive activity in silos to dynamic actions affecting every patient interaction. Not being able to track and improve performance every day risks payment cuts and damaged reputations.

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Our Solution

  • Claims, Abstraction and Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) all come together in a single interactive dashboard with drill down analytics targeted specifically on measures used in value based purchasing programs. No need to cobble together Excel spreadsheets from multiple sources.
  • Track your quality goals and compare to benchmarks long before data is submitted to CMS. Being proactive can finally help the bottom line.
Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Big data may be all the rage, but when it comes to Business Intelligence for community hospitals, size is not important. It’s how the data is used. Building healthcare data models for complex analytical needs is a significant undertaking. There is no shortage of do it yourself data warehouse or analytics projects that fail to deliver even basic ROI despite large investments. Our software analytics tools, combined with more than 15 years of knowledge create exceptional insight into all aspects of hospital operations.

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Our Solution

  • Is a complete turnkey package including data models and the application installed by Medisolv engineers with automated daily data extracts. No technical expertise or resources required from the client.
  • Takes self-service analytics to a whole new level with extensive built-in analytical tools and data marts specifically designed for nontechnical users across the entire enterprise.
  • But preserves the ability for purely ad hoc and customer defined reporting even from third party data sources.
  • Extensive multilayered security and privacy capability not normally seen in most analytics solutions helps with HIPAA compliance.
  • System go live possible within weeks with full support and regular upgrades. Now that’s real ROI.
Provider Performance Solutions

There is no denying that providers are central to the movement from volume to value, and so is their performance. Health systems need an automated way to accurately link a patients care process or outcome to a provider according to the provider’s role.

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Our Solution

  • Attributes cases to providers based on their role in the care delivery system creating precise performance profiles that make sense to providers.
  • Compares providers to their own peers.
  • Includes measures across clinical, operational and financial domains.
  • Meets or exceeds The Joint Commission requirements for Ongoing Provider Performance Evaluation (OPPE)

That’s what we call a 360 view!

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