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BJC Health Care switches chart-abstracting vendor from Vizient to Medisolv

BJC health care was one of the 350+ clients that transitioned from the Vizient chart-abstracted software over to the Medisolv chart-abstracted ENCOR software. They explain the good, the bad and the yet to come.

Memorial Health Care Systems participates in CMS hybrid measure pilot

Only 160 hospitals nationwide participated in the CMS voluntary hybrid readmission measure pilot. Memorial Health Care Systems shares what that process looked like and why it was important to participate.

Uvalde Hospital builds custom indicators for financial comparison

Ensuring that your organization is financially sound is always a top priority. Uvalde Hospital built custom indicators to measure their financial performance against others nationwide.

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center shares their experience using Medisolv's ENCOR for chart-abstracted measures solution

“With a user-friendly software that allows us to quickly and easily abstract data, we now have more time to focus on providing the best quality of care for patients and be proactive about ensuring that our measures are successful.”

Tina Caro, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Quality Review Clinician

Pella Regional Health Center achieves success in year one of MIPS

Pella Regional Health Center talks to us about what the first year of MIPS was like for the quality team. They reveal tips for success and how to get physicians on board.

Habersham Medical Center discusses the importance of department alignment

Habersham Medical Center shares what it takes to raise quality performance awareness and how to stay on top of the continually changing regulatory reporting requirements.

Lane Regional shares how they made a significant readmission rate decrease

Lane Regional shares how a change in performance improvement efforts led them to a readmission rate decrease from 9.09% to 7.54% and how they used data to prevent surgery complications.

Up against a tight deadline Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital successfully submits eCQMs to CMS

“We filed eCQMs for the first time when it was required because Medisolv came in and met the expectation that they had set. We were up against the gun for our deadline, but they provided us with the support and resources to pull it off.”

Rodney Welch, Rothman Orthopaedic
Director of Quality & Accreditation

Beaufort Memorial Hospital stresses importance of communication between Quality and IT

The Quality and IT teams at Beaufort Memorial have invested in the communication between the two teams allowing them to achieve significantly high eCQM performance.

Long-time Medisolv client, Rockdale Medical Center, shares ENCOR implementation experience

Rockdale found Medisolv when they first needed help with Meaningful Use reporting. But they quickly discovered that eCQMs are a whole different animal than Core Measures.

Laughlin Memorial Hospital implements ENCOR for Eligible Clinicians to avoid CMS penalty

Laughlin Memorial discusses their experience implementing ENCOR for Eligible Clinicians and how Medisolv has helped them through ever-changing program requirements.

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