How to Make the Perfect eCQM Submission [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s Labor Day weekend! We know you’ve been working hard this year. So we’ve made a special infographic to help you celebrate the end of summer.

eCQM submission is a little bit like making the perfect margarita. What, you don’t believe us? Take a look at this week’s blog to find out why.

This weekend, you get to choose which column’s instructions you follow. As for us … we’ll see you on the right-hand side.

perfect ecqm submission

Okay, that was too much fun. If your pen just jumped out of your pocket protector, check out this article on the 2017 IQR program requirements to bring the fun to a healthy level.


ECQMS 101: Getting Started With Electronic Clinical Quality Measures

You Will Leave With An Understanding Of The Following:

  • Understand the purpose of eCQMs
  • Identify the differences between Electronic measures and Abstracted measures
  • Define common quality reporting terms and vernacular
  • Recognize the process of implementing an eMeasure
  • Identify the main quality reporting programs and their basic requirements

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Erin Heilman