The Pillars of the MIPS Quality Payment Program [INFOGRAPHIC]

Once upon a time, there lived a great and powerful ruling empire. They were called the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or as the common folks called them, CMS.

CMS was a beneficent ruler, always looking out for the elderly or poor. But in order to properly care for the elderly they instructed all of their clinicians throughout the kingdom to report on the way they cared for the elderly through the magical power of quality reporting data.

In order for clinicians to harness the magical power of quality reporting data, they would need to present offerings (aka data submissions) to the various temples that CMS had created. There was the Value-Based Modifier temple, the Meaningful Use temple and of course the PQRS temple.

But it wasn’t always easy for clinicians to harness the power of the quality reporting data and some people struggled to keep up. Presenting offerings at all of those different temples was hard!

After a few years it became clear that CMS needed to construct a new temple where clinicians could present all of their data submissions in one location.

So CMS constructed a new, better and easier temple called the MIPS temple. Here the various temples were combined into one.

And all the clinicians rejoiced (well once they understood how to navigate MIPS).

And now, Medisolv, the trusted deliverer of quality reporting data to all CMS temples, shares the secrets that make up the pillars of the temple of MIPS.

Pillars of MIPS QPP


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Erin Heilman