[Podcast] Are Clinicians Prepared for MACRA?

In a recent Black Book Research Survey, over 8,000 physicians reported their top 10 concerns about MACRA in 2017. Not surprisingly, compliance, EHR optimization and reimbursement potential top the list.

In our fourth episode of our Quality Matters podcast, we speak with Denise Scott, Director of Ambulatory Services at Medisolv who helps us to break down this survey and figure out what it means for the 2017 MIPS reporting. Denise offers some tips to help prepare for a successful first year of MACRA.

Who we talked to:

Denise Scott is the Director of Ambulatory Services at Medisolv. Denise has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare and over 15 years in healthcare technology. Prior to joining Medisolv, Denise was a director of quality, informatics and Clinical integration for two large medical groups, and served as the Manager of HIT Services at Mass Pro. She is a subject matter expert in workflow redesign and meaningful use, and is board certified in nursing informatics. Denise is also a certified MACRA/MIPS Healthcare Professional.

What we cover:

  • The top challenges facing clinicians reporting to MIPS in 2017
  • The three reporting options that CMS has given clinicians this year
  • How the budget neutral program works and what kind of Medicare reimbursement you can expect
  • Tips to prepare for 2017 MIPS reporting



Black Book Report Survey Article

Understanding the MIPS Medicare Reimbursement schedule


Preparing For MIPS Reporting In 2018

This free educational webinar will help you understand who is eligible for the MIPS program and what’s required for successful completion. We will outline strategies that will help you prepare your providers for their best reporting year yet.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. About the changes made in the 2018 final rule for the Quality Payment Program;
  2. Reporting requirements for MIPS;
  3. How the final score is calculated;
  4. Best practices and resources for preparing your clinicians for a successful quality reporting year.

Surviving MIPS Year 2

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