[SNEAK PEAK] Medisolv makes an exciting announcement at HIMSS 2017

Medisolv_HIMSS17_Booth.jpgThis week, at the always tremendous HIMSS conference, over 40,000 Healthcare IT professionals came together for a week of learning. Over a series of five days, top-notch speakers spoke about the future of Healthcare IT while vendors, like Medisolv, offered solutions to help hospitals and physicians with their technology needs.
Medisolv was one vendor participant among an incredible sea of booth displays. Check out our booth display in this picture. All week, Medisolv employees got to chat with people from different parts of the country about their experience with Quality in their hospitals.

Dr. Zahid Butt, Medisolv CEO, ended the week with an exciting announcement about two new products that Medisolv is releasing in 2017. As a blog reader, you get an advanced look at these two new products.

New Medisolv Product #1: Touchstone

Available in early summer.

A benchmarking software tool for quality and safety measures performance for hospitals and physicians.

Managing comparative performance against national and peer group benchmarks is becoming essential to maximize payments linked to quality in the value-based health system. Benchmarks for many new types of measures e.g. hospital Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) are simply not available; or, for established measures, are based on old data.

Enter Touchstone; the first benchmarking software of its kind for hospital eCQMs in the cloud. Additionally, this comprehensive benchmarking tool offers timely visibility into quality and safety measures for hospitals and physicians. Performance can be compared nationally, state-wide or even against peer groups using a simple user friendly, mobile enabled interface.

Touchstone monitors many quality measures required for reporting to the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting, The Joint Commission ORYX Accreditation, Quality Payment Program (MIPS), Meaningful Use, Value-Based Purchasing, Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction and Readmission Reduction programs.

Measures include:

  • Hospital and Ambulatory eCQMs
  • Chart-Abstracted HQR Measures
  • AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators (PSI)
  • AHRQ Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQI)
  • Readmission Measures
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC)

Medisolv will continue to add more measures for benchmarking in the future.


Measure Performance by Hospital

Select a measure and view your hospital’s performance data broken down by quarter, median rate and your ranking as compared to national averages.

Measure Performance Nationally

Select a set of measures to see how the nation’s hospitals are performing by individual measure and specific quarter.

Measure Listing Dashboard

Click on a measure set category to see all of the measures included in the set.

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New Medisolv Product #2: The Global Trigger Tool

Available now.

A tool to automate the Global Trigger Tool methodology.

Patient safety has become an important issue nationally. Patients, payers and regulators expect high quality and safe care. CMS wants hospitals to reduce adverse events. The Global Trigger Tool is one component of measuring and monitoring patient safety.

Methodology Development

In 2003, the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) noticed a trend within hospitals; only 10 to 20 percent of medical errors were ever reported and the overwhelming majority of those reported errors caused no harm to patients. Traditionally, detecting adverse events is based on voluntary reporting which has been shown to greatly under report. In response, the IHI developed the Global Trigger Tool methodology which provides hospitals with a strategy to measure, review and standardize harms by using a number of triggers included in the tool.


Adoption of the Global Trigger Tool methodology has grown, but because the process is largely manual and not a government requirement, hospitals are still not identifying and monitoring adverse events.

A New Software Automation Tool

In response to this, Medisolv has developed a new tool that automates the IHI’s methodology.

This new software application randomly samples inpatient visits based on the criteria set by IHI, allowing reviewers to identify triggers leading to adverse events. It also generates reports which enable users to analyze and develop mechanisms for safer healthcare.

Overcome Patient Safety Obstacles

  • Automation of case selection populates the tool with 20 randomly sampled cases per month.
  • Built-in worksheets allow for quick completion.
  • Pre-set list selection of known adverse event triggers simplifies the process.
  • Report by Triggers and Measures of Harm categories.
  • Drill-down to patient detail level.

Software Features


The Abstraction List Report provides the abstraction status of all cases. You can click to abstract cases either as a Reviewer or Adjudicator.


The Reporting section contains four reports: Case Details, Completed Case List, Monthly Briefing Report and Triggers by Module.


Administrators can access the Audit Trail Log, Sampling and User Management section.

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Erin Heilman