Customer Spotlight: A day at Persons Health in Roxboro, NC, reveals a palpable passion for improvement from the top down

Medisolv’s Michelle Boucher, vice president of marketing, and Erin Heilman, marketing specialist, were tagging along for two days of education and product training with Medisolv’s Mark Owen, implementation consultant, and Mickey Buratti, senior consultant, to learn more about how hospitals are adapting to the changing landscape around quality improvement. What they learned was just how personally committed the staff and leadership at this 35-bed facility was to truly improving processes, revenue and most importantly, patient care, at every level of the organization.

During their two full days of and guided hospital tours, we had the pleasure of interviewing Beemal Shah, Person’s CEO, along with several of his leadership team.

“Unequivocally, my job is to deliver the best quality patient care each and every day and to do that efficiently and effectively for the patients and their families,” answered Mr. Shah, when asked what kept him up at night. “The reason we need to make margins, continuously improve care and to recruit more staff is so that I can drive that mission and vision. That’s what keeps me up at night. That’s why I come to work every day.”

This may not be a surprise to most people, however, at Persons, Mr. Shah takes this to heart by refocusing his staff on game-changing measurements.

“It’s difficult for us. We focus on what’s in our face right now. What does radiology turnaround times look like because that’s what I need to stay competitive. How can I get my mammograms to have a quicker turnaround?,” explains Shah. “Yes, it ties to revenue, but we also have to look through a quality lens to make sure it’s good too.”

Implementing software that simplifies access to key quality data and indicators means the staff and clinicians at Persons can be far more proactive at identifying and addressing patient issues before they leave the hospital.

“Historically, we would look at the data 30 days later and say, ‘here is what we need to do going forward.’ Now, with Medisolv software, we are near real time so we can assess quicker. From a quality perspective, we are using the LACE tool to address high risk. So what will we do going forward? Be more proactive, more aware.”

Now the sign made sense. No Pass Zone means if a patient’ room light is on and you see it, you go in, no matter who you are. Beemal Shah sees his share of patients on a regular basis with this rule. It keeps everyone focused on “delivering the best quality patient care each and every day.”

Group picture at Persons       Medisolv training Person hospital employees on RAPID

Erin Heilman