Customer Spotlight: Downward Trends In Readmission Reductions Prove Conway Regional’s Improvement Plans Are Working.

“Funny you should ask,” responded Cathy Van Cleve, Quality Analyst for Conway Regional Health in Conway, AR. Several months after interviewing her for a business case on Conway’s mission to reduce readmissions through the use of predictive analytics, I checked in with Cathy to see how things had progressed.

“I just completed the latest Corporate Scorecard which includes the readmissions rate graph below,” explains Cathy. “As you can see, the year-to-date cumulative and the monthly rates are all trending downward!”

Not only downward, but far below goal. In just 10 months, Conway has seen a 3.31% decrease in their overall readmissions.

Earlier in 2015, Cathy created customized predictive reports to score patients while they are still in the hospital. On a scale of 1 to 20, Conway set a threshold score of 12 to indicate a potential at-risk patient. Sharing this information across the facility, Conway educated staff members, including physicians, administrators and nurses, in how to utilize the predictive report to identify these patients. As a result, clinicians were able to take additional care measures to reduce the patient’s risk of readmission while the patient was still in their care. This simple report has proven so effective for Conway, they are planning to roll it out to other areas of the organization.

Read Conway Regional’s business case.

Erin Heilman