Columbia, Maryland is named the Best Place to Live in 2016

Medisolv is proud to be headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, which was voted the Best Place to Live by Money Magazine in 2016.

Among its many positive attributes, Columbia is said to attract “families in search of good schools and businesses hungry for educated employees.” That’s in part because the schools in Columbia are some of the best in the state and the town sits between two major cities – Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

CColumbia, Maryland best place to liveolumbia, which turns 50 next year, was originally developed as a planned community by visionary founder Jim Rouse. He imagined a world where a janitor and a CEO could live side by side. He therefore created 10 villages which each share a mix of residences – apartments, townhouses and single-family homes. This helps promote socio-economic diversity throughout Columbia.

Our employees agree with their assessment. Erin Heilman, marketing manager at Medisolv, has lived in Columbia for over five years. “I love it here,” she said. “I’m a minute away from three grocery stores, two movie theaters and a 50-mile walking trail. Even after five years here, I still have not eaten at every restaurant in Columbia. There is so much to do here, which makes it a great place to work and live.”

Medisolv is proud to have contributed to the success of Columbia’s thriving business community. We look forward to participating in Columbia’s future success.

Why Money Magazine Loves Columbia

A planned community that prizes economic and social diversity.



Median Home Price


Property Tax


Unemployment Rate


Commute Time

29 minutes

Lisa Heflin