Medisolv Announces the launch of the Medisolv Academy

Columbia, MD, June 15, 2017 – Today, Medisolv, a recognized leader in quality management and reporting solutions, announced a new educational initiative with the launch of the Medisolv Academy. The academy provides a variety of educational resources to help healthcare professionals who are looking to improve the quality of patient care.

“Medisolv was founded more than 15 years ago with the idea that software can unlock information buried in the chaos of healthcare data,” said Dr. Zahid Butt, CEO of Medisolv. “But software alone is not enough. We strive to empower end users to improve quality of care by being a resource in a continually changing and often confusing healthcare landscape. This academy centralizes Medisolv resources that I believe are valuable to many healthcare professionals.”

The Medisolv Academy includes webinars (both live and on-demand), videos, podcast episodes, resource downloads, a weekly blog organized by topic and educational video courses. The online courses cover both hospital and physician quality reporting themes. Participants can choose a topic and learn at their own pace from Medisolv experts in easy-to-digest video segments.

Open to all healthcare professionals, the Medisolv Academy does not differentiate between customers or non-customers. All are welcome to explore and learn how to better the quality of patient care in a healthcare setting.

For more information about the Medisolv Academy, please visit our website.


About Medisolv, Inc.

Medisolv is a national leader in quality reporting and management solutions covering electronic, abstracted and claims-based quality measures. Medisolv’s ENCOR is an integrated suite of software modules designed to measures and report your electronic quality measures and abstracted core measures to CMS and The Joint Commission quality reporting programs. These programs include the CMS physician (MIPS), hospital inpatient (IQR) and hospital outpatient (OQR).

Medisolv is a certified ONC vendor and a CMS Qualified Registry.

Medisolv has met the criteria for inclusion in the accreditation and certification process and is included on The Joint Commission’s list of acceptable ORYX® vendors. Medisolv is committed to meeting future required criteria established by The Joint Commission.

Medisolv quality reporting and management solutions have received the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

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