Medisolv is the first ORYX vendor to submit eMeasures (CQM) data in The Joint Commission eMeasures Pilot

Medisolv, a leading provider of clinical and financial intelligence, has successfully completed another eMeasures (CQM) Pilot. Following in the wake of being the only vendor to successfully submit production data for the CMS 2012 EHR Incentive Pilot, Medisolv has been an active participant in The Joint Commission eMeasures Pilot. Medisolv successfully completed The Joint Commission eMeasures Pilot submitting eED, eSTK, and eVTE Measure Sets in QRDA Category 1 format to The Joint Commission. Stephen Schmaltz, Associate Director of the Center for Data Management and Analysis Division of Healthcare Quality Evaluation at The Joint Commission expressed his gratitude to the Medisolv engineering staff for their hard work and participation in the pilot. “Medisolv’s involvement in the eMeasures Pilot project was critical in helping The Joint Commission’s effort in building an infrastructure to receive eMeasures data obtained from the electronic health record. As the only vendor that was able to successfully send eMeasure data to CMS, their involvement was doubly important since it helped inform The Joint Commission’s effort to align with CMS’s eMeasures activities.”

“Quality reporting of EHR data through the eMeasures infrastructure remains an essential component of both Meaningful Use and CMS Pay for Performance programs. This pilot shows again our substantial commitment in helping to build out the eMeasures infrastructure so that providers can measure and improve quality of their care in a timely manner” said Dr. Zahid Butt, CEO of Medisolv.

Medisolv continues to lead the way in quality measurement reporting and remains dedicated to working with both CMS and The Joint Commission as they move towards aligning their quality measures and programs to the eMeasures framework.

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Erin Heilman