Medisolv Presents with CMS at HIMSS International

Medisolv, a leading provider of clinical and financial intelligence, participated in a joint presentation with CMS Tuesday March 5, 2013 in the Meaningful Use Experience Theater at HIMSS. The presentation was an educational update for attendees about the CMS 2012 EHR Incentive Reporting Pilot. CMS representative Deborah Krauss, discussed what the pilot is and how to participate in 2013 while Poonam Lall, VP of Engineering from Medisolv, spoke about the submission process and Medisolv’s involvement in the pilot.

During the presentation, Medisolv was recognized by CMS as the only vendor in the country to successfully submit Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) data for the Pilot. This achievement further exemplifies the unique position Medisolv holds as the leader in quality reporting. Working closely with four of its hospital clients (Grand View, Northfield, Morgan and Major), Medisolv was able to produce and submit patient level data files on fifteen Stage I clinical quality measures for one full year. “We congratulate these leading hospitals for their contribution to the future of quality reporting” said Dr. Zahid Butt CEO, Medisolv. “Our participation in committees and pilots is another way Medisolv continues to stay in the forefront and contributes to the advancement of EHR based quality reporting.”

The EHR Incentive Program 2012 Reporting Pilot is a voluntary electronic reporting option to satisfy the Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) objective for the EHR Incentive Program. Participation in the Pilot provides those involved with the opportunity to pioneer efforts for submitting CQMs electronically.

Erin Heilman