Preparing for eCQM Submission to the CMS IQR Program in 2016

October 1st marked the start of the eCQM submission period for the IQR program. In this video, participants will understand how to prepare for the submission process.


This webinar provides tips for improving your eCQM results and strategies for deciding which eCQMs you should submit to the IQR program.


You will leave with an understanding of the following objectives:

  • Identify the IQR eCQM reporting requirements
  • Define strategies for validating and selecting eCQMs to submit to the CMS IQR program
  • Recognize the general process of eCQM submission


Go the extra mile

Learn more about our Quality Reporting Software, ENCOR-e, which will relieve your hospital of the burden of eCQM submission. Also download our eCQM Preparation Checklist which will help you to prepare for submission.

encor-e medisolv

eCQM preparation checklist