Clinician Registry Measures

Conquer your MIPS requirements with ENCOR, our award-winning eCQM solution for clinicians.

for Clinician Registry Measures (MIPS CQMs)

Our software makes fulfilling your MIPS requirements easier with pre-populated patient information and daily updated data for timely visibility into your Registry measure performance.


Nearly all (90%) of our clients scored above 70 points in MIPS, earning them the exceptional performance bonus from CMS.

Product highlights


Data from your EHR automatically pre-populates your case worksheets.

More features:

  • Pre-populated EHR data is automatically loaded into cases.
  • Data is updated daily so abstractors don’t have to wait.
  • Cases are easily sorted by status, so abstractors can see which cases are complete or incomplete.

Enhanced visibility

See your MIPS performance by category and final score in near real-time.

More features:

  • Drill down to the individual clinician, provider and practice-level details.
  • Managers can see the results of all their clinicians in one central location.
  • Users can drill down to see patient-level detail.

Hands-on help

We provide you with expert assistance to troubleshoot technical and clinical errors.

More features:

  • Data extraction and normalization from multiple EHRs, if necessary.
  • Measure improvement support.
  • Clinical workflow analysis.


Submission to MIPS completed on your behalf with error resolution assistance.

More features:

  • Full submission services to CMS.
  • Assistance in resolving rejections.
  • Submission data snapshots in case of future audits.
  • Post submission audit assistance.


Medisolv also supports practices that are part of a risk-based payment model. We provide visibility into performance on a daily basis to help practices improve their performance before submission to their APM/ACO or to allow ACOs to gather their practices’ data daily.

CMS Web Interface

Our uniquely designed software assists with monitoring and reporting of all Web Interface measures. Our software leverages EHR data to pre-populate worksheets, saving your team time and effort.

client testimonials

Take their word for it

Amanda Schwerdtfeger Clinical Informatics Advisor, Pella Regional Health Center

ENCOR gave us the visibility we needed to identify quality performance issues. This allowed us to quickly intervene and make the necessary changes to improve our MIPS score. We worked closely with our Medisolv consultant who provided ongoing guidance which helped us to achieve a final MIPS score of 97.6, qualifying us for the Exceptional Performance Bonus.

Melissa Hall Director of Information Services/Deputy CIO, Calvert Health Medical Center

With Medisolv, there is always someone there to offer assistance and support. They help us make sure our data is accurate. They make sure we are compliant with government regulations. They tell us step by step how to build our system and advise us on what users should be putting into our EHR. They have been a tremendous help in improving our processes.

Kathleen Reilly Director of Quality, Finger Lakes Health System

It's a pretty tall order to have excellent quality and exceptional patient experience at a low cost. We're fortunate to have Medisolv, which provides a single platform focused on pay-for-performance measures, with data for us to look at that's refreshed every day.

Dr. Danielle Scheurer Chief Quality Officer, Medical University of South Carolina

We used Medisolv's ENCOR quality reporting solution to successfully report core measures electronically without any abstraction ... Our substantial investments in an EHR and clinical workflow optimization were crucial in the production of high quality data that made submission possible.

Tina Caro Quality Review Clinician Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

With a user-friendly software that allows us to quickly and easily abstract data, we now have more time to focus on providing the best quality of care for patients and be proactive about ensuring that our measures are successful.

Jill Bradford Shuemaker, RN, CPHIMS Senior Clinical Informaticist, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

We submitted our first eCQMs accurately, three months early, and under budget … It gives me comfort that as we move forward and the landscape changes, Medisolv will be right there with us.

Rodney Welch Director of Quality & Accreditation, Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital

We successfully filed eCQMs for the first time because Medisolv came in and met the expectation that they had set. We were up against the gun for our deadline, but they provided us with the support and resources to pull it off.

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