What does Medisolv’s AHA Endorsed Solution designation mean to you?

Read a letter from the American Hospital Association about why the endorsed Medisolv’s quality reporting solution.



  • The American Hospital Association SealResearch is done for you: The American Hospital Association has thoroughly researched and compared multiple quality reporting vendors to find the solution that best fits the needs of their member hospitals. Of all the solutions considered, Medisolv’s quality reporting solutions were selected to fill this need.


  • The best solution wins: The ENCOR quality suite, along with our company, have been through the AHA’s rigorous due diligence process that thoroughly examined quality of product, customer satisfaction and financial stability of the organization. The AHA determined that ENCOR met or exceeded all of their strict requirements for an endorsed product.


  • A trusted vendor to use: You can confidently choose Medisolv’s ENCOR quality reporting as an excellent solution, because the AHA has researched and vetted our product. If you trust the AHA, you can trust their Endorsement of the Medisolv Quality Reporting and Management Solution.