OPAL for Provider Performance

OPAL will allow you to simply manage the requirements for The Joint Commission’s Ongoing and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE and FPPE) standards. Hospitals are required to evaluate the performance of all hospital providers more frequently than the traditional two year re-credentialing cycle.


OPAL automates gathering performance data on individual providers and compares them to their peers – by specialty – using data extracted from both EHRs and other Medisolv reporting products.


Managing the process of OPPE and FPPE has been difficult and labor intensive for hospitals. Usually, hospitals would manually gather the data from multiple sources, perform an aggregate analysis and create a follow up plan. OPAL simplifies this process by automatically pulling the data and setting up a peer-to-peer comparison of individual providers organized by specialty.


  • Patient outcomes based on National Patient Safety and Quality measures
  • CMS and The Joint Commission Core Measure results
  • Length of stay
  • Mortality Rates
  • Readmission Rates
  • Utilization of resources for their Top 10 DRGs


  • Ability to annotate and document reviews in provider specific files.
  • Place providers on FPPE and monitor them more frequently as needed.
  • Upload scanned documents to support the review process.
  • Monitor and identify upcoming reviews for providers by user-defined time periods.
  • Tools to develop user-defined manual data entry indicators to capture provider data for Clinical Knowledge, Interpersonal Skills or Professionalism.
  • Integration with Medisolv’s ENCOR Quality Reporting and Management software.
  • Assign responsibility of Core Measure results to the Admitting/Discharging Physician or the Principal Surgeon instead of assigning everything to the Attending.
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