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The Growing Importance and Expansion of Quality Reporting

Healthcare providers have reported quality measures data to governmental agencies, accreditation bodies and other entities for many years. Most programs start as voluntary submissions without financial incentives or penalties… Until recently these programs operated in the so called Pay for Reporting (P4R) framework in which financial incentives or penalties were linked only to successful reporting of quality data without taking actual performance into account… With the roll out of Value Based Purchasing (VBP) for hospitals and Value Based Payment Modifier (VBPM) for physicians, CMS has taken a big step towards true pay for performance.


Quality Measurement & Reporting-A Whole New Ballgame

In the past, healthcare quality operated in its own silo, centered mainly on reporting data. Quality was important, but its use was generally restricted to meeting regulatory compliance. Improvements in quality measures did not directly impact a hospital’s revenue in the old “pay-for-reporting” and “fee-for-service” payment models. Today, the meaning of “quality” is much broader and its connection to payments is rapidly increasing. It incorporates patient safety, patient satisfaction, population health, and cost reduction into a new, “value-based” healthcare model. In other words, it’s a whole new ballgame.


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