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With Medisolv’s ENCOR for Eligible Clinician software, clinicians can easily meet their Quality Payment  Program requirements with options for MIPS reporting in the Quality, Advancing Care Information and Improvement Activity categories.

Complete Your MIPS Requirements

Enhanced Visibility

Expert Assistance

Submission to CMS

Complete your MIPS Requirements

Quality Category

  • All eCQMs are available.
  • All Registry measures are available

Improvement Activities Category

  • All Improvement Activity measures are available.

Advancing Care Information Category

  • All Advancing Care Information measures are available.

Other Reporting Options:

  • CMS Web Interface: Uniquely designed software assists with monitoring and automated reporting of all 15 CMS Web Interface measures leveraging EHR data.
  • ACO: Software includes custom formats for ACO reporting.
  • CPC Plus: Practice location site-based reporting for CPC Plus also included.

Enhanced Visibility

  • MIPS score calculator refreshes daily to show your approximate final MIPS score.
  • Data from your EHR is updated daily.
  • Drill down to the individual clinician, provider and practice-level details.
  • Managers can see the results of all of their clinicians in one central location.
  • Users can drill down to see patient-level detail.

Expert Assistance

  • Medisolv’s clinical consultants work with you to test and validate your data to produce accurate results.
  • “Smart” abstraction worksheets are supplemented with EHR data.
  • Data capture workflow optimization.
  • On-demand and live regulatory education and guidance.

Submission to CMS

  • Reporting at both the individual and group practice level is fully supported.
  • Medisolv will submit your clinician’s reporting files to CMS on your behalf.
  • Assistance in resolving rejections.
  • ENCOR saves submission data snapshots for use in case of future audits.
  • Post submission audit assistance.

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