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Reducing Readmissions with Predictive Analytics

This year, a staggering 77 percent of hospitals will receive some percentage of penalty to their 2016 funding under Medicare’s Readmissions Reduction Program. For these hospitals, the struggle to understand and quickly intervene to prevent readmissions remains a difficult burden for an often overtaxed staff. (Read the entire article)


Hospitals everywhere are looking for ways to quickly identify at-risk inpatients while there is time to intervene and help reduce readmission rates. Medisolv’s RAPID software analyzes EHR data and easily identifies high-risk patients, allowing for timely intervention. RAPID offers fully automated, daily risk score reporting as a built-in analytics tool, providing hospital administrators, clinicians, and case managers with near real-time information to help decrease readmission rates and improve patient safety.

With Predictive Analytics You Can:

  • Monitor patient threshold scores to quickly identify high-risk patients.
  • Improve patient outcomes.
  • Increase revenue and profitability.
  • Reduce hospital readmission rates.
  • Avoid costly Medicare penalties.


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Key Features

  • Manage high-risk inpatient populations with integrated predictive models to forecast risk of readmission after discharge.
  • Set up information delivery (such as high-risk patient information) using the Scheduler function.
  • Easily modify, save and publish the rich clinical, financial and operations standard content.
  • Automatically create Microsoft Excel pivot tables across key areas using predefined templates.
  • Export data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF formats.
  • Publish internal or external content to collaborate with individuals or groups of users.
  • Track actuals vs budgets for departmental responsibility in near real-time.

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