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Finger Lakes Health

Creating a Culture of Continuous Growth

By combining equal parts collaboration and innovation, Finger Lakes’ quality team positioned its entire organization for lucrative growth.

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War Memorial Hospital

Making eCQMs Matter to Your Organization

How do you turn eCQMs from a necessary evil into a tool for meaningful growth within your organization’s culture?

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Duncan Regional HEALTH

Building your SDOH Screening Tool

Discover how Duncan Regional Health built a successful SDOH screening process in just one week.

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Memorial Health Care Systems

Making the Hybrid Readmission Measure Work for You

When Memorial Health agreed to participate in CMS’s voluntary hybrid measure pilot, they learned something surprising: the hybrid measure is not as scary as you think.

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King’s Daughter Health

Getting Your Providers to Believe in MIPS

Want to achieve measurable improvement not just in MIPS but in overall patient care? Make data sharing your team’s love language.

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Citizens Medical Center

Using Predictive Analytics to Change Your Future

It’s not easy when you’re a small hospital being judged against goliath health care systems. But with predictive analytics, you can learn how to do more with less.

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Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Reclaiming Your Time Over Clinical Abstraction

Spend less time in the weeds of clinical abstraction and more time doing what you love: improving patient care.

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Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital

Getting the Recognition You Deserve with Better Data

Rothman is known for excellent patient outcomes. But capturing and reporting on those excellent outcomes wasn’t always easy for them.

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More Stories


How to Boost Your Sepsis Bundle Compliance 

For the past five years the sepsis committee at Stormont Vail have transformed the hospital’s “sepsis culture” and dramatically improved their sepsis bundle compliance as a result. 


Mile Bluff Medical Center

How to Make Healthcare Quality Improvement a Cultural Habit

We spoke to industry veteran Pat Stubbs—who has worked at Mile Bluff Medical Center for an impressive 47 years—about what it takes to get your clinicians to embrace quality improvement and all the processes and data that come with it.  



How to Make Big Strides in Your Sepsis Performance

The quality team at Medical University of South Carolina Health (MUSC) had the daunting task of managing its sepsis performance at 16 hospitals across the state.



How to Take Control of Your SDOH Data

For the last year, Augusta Health has made a concerted effort to formalize its social drivers of health (SDOH) screening process and take control of its SDOH data. The quality team shares how commitment starts with having the right SDOH data tools in place.


Covenant Health

Rediscovering the Joy of Clinical Abstraction

After a disastrous data loss, Amy Sims made some simple changes that allowed her (and her leadership) to embrace her true value.


Bothwell Regional Health Center

Switching EHRs Without Sacrificing Your Submission

It’s the three words you never want to hear: we’re switching EHRs. But Tia Demand has discovered the secret to a smooth transition.


Lane Regional Medical Center

Protecting Your Quality Standards in Telemedicine

COVID-19 gave Lane Regional a crash course on how to manage documentation, data collection and quality reporting in telemedicine.


Uvalde Hospital

Benchmarking Your Hospital's Financial Performance

CFO Valerie Lopez reveals how she created custom indicators to measure Uvalde’s financial performance against other Critical Access Hospitals nationwide.



Downloadable Case Studies

VCU Health

Overcoming Interoperability Challenges for eCQM Success

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Conway Regional Medical

Reducing Readmissions with Predictive Analytics

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Wooster Community Hospital

Using Data Validation to Improve eCQM Results

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Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Connecting IT, Staff and Technology to Share Data

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