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       From The Quality Frontlines 

      Inspiring stories and ideas for quality improvement from quality leaders just like you.

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      Finger Lakes Health

      Creating a Culture of Continuous Growth

      By combining equal parts collaboration and innovation, Finger Lakes’ quality team positioned its entire organization for lucrative growth.

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      War Memorial Hospital

      Making eCQMs Matter to Your Organization

      How do you turn eCQMs from a necessary evil into a tool for meaningful growth within your organization’s culture?

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      Memorial Health Care Systems

      Making the Hybrid Readmission Measure Work for You

      When Memorial Health agreed to participate in CMS’s voluntary hybrid measure pilot, they learned something surprising: the hybrid measure is not as scary as you think.

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      King’s Daughter Health

      Getting Your Providers to Believe in MIPS

      Want to achieve measurable improvement not just in MIPS but in overall patient care? Make data sharing your team’s love language.

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      Southwestern Vermont Healthcare

      Tackling the Opioid Measure Intelligently

      To make the opioid measure work for your hospital, you need to put on your investigator’s hat and start asking the right questions.

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      Citizens Medical Center

      Using Predictive Analytics to Change Your Future

      It’s not easy when you’re a small hospital being judged against goliath health care systems. But with predictive analytics, you can learn how to do more with less.

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      Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

      Reclaiming Your Time Over Clinical Abstraction

      Spend less time in the weeds of clinical abstraction and more time doing what you love: improving patient care.

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      Rothman Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital

      Getting the Recognition You Deserve with Better Data

      Rothman is known for excellent patient outcomes. But capturing and reporting on those excellent outcomes wasn’t always easy for them.

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      Dedicated Quality Advisors

      We use a quality advisor model which means every client has access to their dedicated advisor with no time restraints or extra costs. And Medisolv's quality advisors have an average of 15 years healthcare experience. 


      We provide you with our SubmissionsPlus Assurance which means we handle submissions on behalf of every client including troubleshooting error resolution and audit support. And we go beyond the submission, mining the data to help you make the greatest impact on patient care every day.

      Effortless Data Connection

      We make EHR data extraction and aggregation easy for your organization, so you don't have to pay another organization to extract your data.

      Free Quality Education

      We provide free quality educational content to all because we believe our quality leaders are the ones who will improve the quality of patient care, but they need our support navigating ever-changing regulations.

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