MIPS Reporting Package

What is Medisolv's MIPS Reporting Package?

What’s Included

ENCOR for Electronic Clinician Measures

  • Brings together your eCQM performance for all providers across all practices and EHRs
  • Timely loads of all active MIPS eCQMs
  • Practice, provider, and clinician-level drill downs
  • Patient qualification tool to show you why a patient is in a population
  • QPP final score calculator

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Meet your reporting requirements without breaking a sweat.

  • Full submission services to CMS
  • Proactive management of submission deadlines
  • Data testing and validating support to ensure accuracy
  • Submission data snapshots for use in case of future audits
  • Post-submission rejection and audit assistance
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Enjoy the peace of mind that only Medisolv can provide.

  • Work with your dedicated Clinical Quality Advisor as much as needed, no time restraints or extra costs
  • Get a quick start with our hands-on implementation and training process
  • Receive automatic specification updates
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Learn and grow every day as a member of the Medisolv community.

  • Trade ideas and collaborate with quality leaders around the country inside the Medisolv Community Network
  • Stay on top of regulatory changes and best practices with the Medisolv Academy’s articles, tools, and webinars
  • Problem-solve faster with our Knowledge Center’s easy-to-understand user guides and videos

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90% of Medisolv clients scored above 70 points in MIPS, earning them the exceptional performance bonus from CMS.


Why Quality Leaders Love Medisolv

“The Medisolv dashboard is so user-friendly. You can drill down to each clinic, or provider, or even each patient and see where they met the measure or didn’t.”
Sandi Cook
Clinical Application Analyst, St. Anthony Regional Hospital
“We try to intervene if we see a measure isn’t performing so we can get it rectified. It really helps that, with Medisolv, we can look at our numbers daily and react quickly”.
Janet Moore
CQI Analyst, Salem Regional Medical Center
“Of all the things I have to deal with in a day, I know I don't have to worry about this because my Medisolv Clinical Quality Advisor has got my back. She holds my hand every inch of the way.”
Pat Stubbs
IT Director, Mile Bluff Medical Center
“Our Medisolv Clinical Quality Advisor helped us identify our strengths and provided ongoing recommendations to ensure we would end up with high results.”
Amanda Schwerdtfeger
Clinical Informatics Advisor, Pella Regional Health Center

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