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Top Features

The data you need to advance patient care every day.


  • Pre-populated data from your EHR is automatically loaded into each case and updated daily so abstractors don’t have to wait to begin abstraction
  • Cases are sorted by status, so you can quickly see which cases are complete or incomplete
  • Skip logic guides you through each case and notifies you when the case has passed or failed the measure

Get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.


  • Drill-down functionality makes it easy to identify issues at the individual practice, provider, and clinician level
  • Results aggregator allows APM entities to manage multiple practices into one view
  • Comprehensive software allows you to monitor and report on all Web Interface measures

Meet your reporting requirements without breaking a sweat.


  • Proactive management of submission deadlines
  • Full submission services to CMS
  • Data testing and validating support to ensure accuracy
  • Submission data snapshots for use in case of future audits
  • Post-submission rejection and audit assistance

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Enjoy the peace of mind that only Medisolv can provide.


  • Get a quick start with our hands-on implementation and training process
  • Access on-demand and live education and guidance
  • Receive automatic specification updates
  • Problem-solve faster with easy-to-understand user guides and videos
  • Work with your dedicated Clinical Quality Advisor as much as needed, no time restraints or extra costs

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90% of Medisolv clients scored above 70 points in MIPS, earning them the exceptional performance bonus from CMS.

Why Quality Leaders Love It


“I was like ‘Wow, are those really our scores?’ We put in a lot of work over the last year, so to see those improvements in real time is awesome. We weren’t able to do that before Medisolv.”
Megan Mouser
Population Health & Quality Program Manager, King’s Daughters’ Health
“Between Medisolv’s dashboards, reports, and Quality Advisor expertise, the important things become immediately apparent. We would not be performing as well without it.”
Sandi Cook
Clinical Application Analyst, St. Anthony Regional Hospital
“My Medisolv Quality Advisor has been a real mentor. She’s great at helping me understand the regulatory changes, where we’re going, and where we need to be.”
Tia Demand
Clinical Informatic Supervisor, Bothwell Regional Health Center
“Medisolv gave us the visibility we needed to identify quality performance issues. This allowed us to quickly intervene and make the necessary changes to improve our MIPS score.”
Amanda Schwerdtfeger
Clinical Informatics Advisor, Pella Regional Health Center

From the Quality Frontlines

Inspiring stories and ideas for quality improvement from quality leaders just like you.

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Free quality Education for all

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Clinician eCQMs (MIPS)
What measures are included?

We support nearly 100 QPP CQMs. Please review our active measures list. As a QCDR we are able to create custom measures for an additional fee.

How does Medisolv get our data?

In most cases, Medisolv acquires your clinical data directly from your EHR. During implementation we work with your IT, Network and Security teams to set up the systems and permissions to acquire your data. After the data stream is established, nightly refreshes pull in any new clinical data to populate your eCQM performance. You can send this link to your technical teams for review >> Medisolv Standard Technical Configuration Guide. Reach out to us if you have specific questions.

How often is our data updated?

In most cases, your data is updated nightly, but this depends on your organization’s preference and in some instances the size and configuration of your EHR(s).

How does Medisolv protect our data?

We take the security of your data very seriously. Please read our Security/Privacy page for the latest policies.

When are the yearly specifications updated and available in the product?

CMS publishes annual specification updates in May of the year preceding the reporting/calendar year. Medisolv begins work immediately to understand the changes for the next reporting year. The new specifications are available in the application in January of the reporting/calendar year.

What EHRs does Medisolv integrate with?

Medisolv has experience acquiring data from all the major EHRs (Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, CPSI, Athena). If your EHR is not listed, that doesn’t mean we can’t assist you, but the timeline for implementation may be longer than average.

Can you aggregate the data from multiple EHRs for an ACO submission?

Yes. Medisolv can pull together data from multiple EHRs across multiple practices. We can submit at an ACO level. Reach out to us if you have specific questions.

Can we look at the data by TIN and/or practice or ACO?

Yes, during product implementation we create submission groups by TIN or NPI/TIN and can also set up providers by practice or ACO.

Does Medisolv handle our submissions?

Yes! Medisolv handles all the moving parts of your Quality Payment Program submissions to CMS. We can submit through any of the reporting frameworks including traditional MIPS, the APP or MVP.

We keep you updated on any changing regulations and deadlines. We have a thoroughly vetted methodology for achieving submission success for all our clients called our SubmissionsPlus® assurance. Read more about it here.

What regulatory bodies does Medisolv submit to?

Medisolv submits your CQM measure performance to CMS through any of the reporting frameworks including traditional MIPS, the APP or MVP.

Does ongoing technical and clinical consulting cost extra?

No. Advisors are critical to the success of all Medisolv clients. Advisors are available as much as needed with no extra costs or time constraints.

On average how long does implementation take?

On average the entire process takes 22 weeks from the time you sign a contract with us to the time you are up and running with valid data results. Of course, this process varies based on several factors including how responsive your organization is. In some instances, where we are bringing together data from multiple EHRs or acquiring data from a less common EHR the process may take a longer time.

How many internal resources will this take?

In general, the most resource intense part of this project is at the beginning during the implementation phase. After the initial set up, we find that most clients spend about two hours each week working with their Medisolv Clinical Quality Advisor on measure improvement.

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How much does it cost?

We price our solutions based on a combination of one-time and recurring fees. One-time fees include implementation and data acquisition services and vary based on scope of use, such as number of submission groups and number of EMR instances.  Recurring annual subscription fees are calculated based on the total count of Eligible Clinicians in your submission groups. The list price is $950 per Eligible Clinician with volume discounts available.  

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