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      ENCOR for Abstracted Hospital Measures

      Hospital Abstracted Measures

      Built for maximum ease

      Top Features

      Take control of your charts with instant data & alerts.


      • Pre-populated data from your EHR is automatically loaded into each case and updated daily so abstractors don’t have to wait to begin abstraction
      • Cases are sorted by status, so you can instantly see which are complete or incomplete
      • Skip logic guides you through each case and notifies you when the case has passed or failed the measure


      Get clear intel so you can make the right calls.


      • Robust internal reports let you monitor performance by physician, measure, or strata
      • Dashboards centralize your quality measures and give you insight to make better informed decisions
      • Hospital leaders can compare performance against internal goals and national benchmarks

      Meet your reporting requirements without breaking a sweat.


      • Proactive management of submission deadlines
      • Full submission services to CMS, The Joint Commission, and MassHealth
      • Submission data snapshots for use in case of future audits
      • Post-submission rejection and audit assistance
      • Support for measures in the CMS IQR/OQR/IPFQR, TJC ORYX and select certifications, Get With The Guidelines, and MassHealth

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      Enjoy the peace of mind that only Medisolv can provide.


      • Get a quick start with our hands-on implementation and training process
      • Access on-demand and live education and guidance
      • Receive automatic specification updates
      • Problem-solve faster with easy-to-understand user guides and videos
      • Work with your dedicated Clinical Quality Advisor as much as needed, no time restraints or extra costs

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      Why Quality Leaders Love It


      “Medisolv has a lock on ease of use. You can clearly see what you need to do, what you haven’t done, and what’s in progress.”
      Amy Sims
      Clinical Quality Data Abstractor, Covenant Health
      “With a user-friendly software that lets us quickly and easily abstract data, we now have more time to focus on providing the best quality of care for patients.”
      Tina Caro
      Quality Review Clinician, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center
      “It makes us feel comfortable knowing that everything is really submitted, and it’s done right.”
      Sandy Deplonty
      Chief Information Officer, MyMichigan Medical Center Sault
      “Medisolv just makes everything so easy. I don’t have to think twice.”
      Kathleen Reilly
      Director of Quality and Performance Improvement, Finger Lakes Health

      From the Quality Frontlines

      Inspiring stories and ideas for quality improvement from quality leaders just like you.

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      BJC Health Care shares how to make your vendor transition a lot smoother.

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      Rediscover the Joys of Abstraction

      With some simple changes, Covenant Health’s Amy Sims could embrace her true value.

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      Speeding Up the Abstraction Process

      Thibodaux Regional discusses their experience with chart-abstracted measures and ecqms.

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      Hospital Abstracted Measures
      What measures are included in Medisolv’s software?
      CMS required measures, TJC Accreditation Measure, TJC Certification Measures (Acute Stroke Ready, Stroke Certification (PSC, CSC and TSC), THKR, PC) MassHealth Measures.
      How does Medisolv get our data?

      File import or direct data transfer depending on the platform (Cloud setup or Meditech DR setup).

      How often is our data updated?

      With import or daily (see above).

      Can we upload additional clinical data?


      Can Medisolv integrate with IQVIA and send demographic data for GWTG reporting?

      Yes, data can be transferred to IQVIA via ENCOR Abstracted web integration.

      What sampling methodologies does Medisolv offer?

      Weekly or Monthly depending on the platform.

      Does Medisolv handle our submissions?

      Yes. IQR Clinical and Population and Sampling, OQR Clinical and Population and Sampling, TJC data entry (if requested), MassHealth Clinical data. Medisolv does not perform data entry of aggregate data to CMS for any program (PC-01, OP Web-based, IPFQR measures).

      What regulatory bodies does Medisolv submit to?

      Medisolv reports to the TJC, CMS, and MassHealth.

      How does Medisolv protect our data?

      Please read our Security/Privacy page for the latest policies.

      Does ongoing technical and clinical consulting cost extra?

      No. Support is part of the service.

      How often can I meet with my clinical quality advisors?

      Clinical Quality Advisors are available during business hours to respond to customer inquiries.

      What does the implementation process look like?

      There are four phases:

      1. Contract
      2. Install and Data Intake
      3. Training
      4. Maintenance
      What EHRs does Medisolv integrate with?

      We currently integrate with Meditech. Please contact us if you are a Meditech client and need assistance.

      Is Medisolv in the cloud or on-prem?

      Both options are available. Your Medisolv Quality Advisor can help you determine which is right for you.

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