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Equitable Care Module

Equitable Care Module

Health Equity Measures

The meaningful data you need to advance your health equity mission.

Top Features

Instantly get the health equity data you need every day.


  • Stratifies every activated eCQM in your Medisolv ENCOR platform for you
  • eCQMs are stratified by race, ethnicity, gender, and payer
  • Create custom groups to evaluate your data by specific strata and measures
  • Plus! Get all the benefits of the ENCOR platform

Know precisely where to focus your health equity efforts.


  • eCQM data is refreshed daily for near real-time insights into your performance
  • Dedicated health equity dashboard shows both your overall and stratified eCQM performance
  • Color-coded alerts make it easy to spot which patient groups are falling below your overall rate of performance within each measure
  • Data is easily shareable to help you build team and leadership buy-in

One solution to satisfy all your health equity requirements.


  • Automatically calculates your CMS Social Drivers of Health (SDOH) measures for you
  • Track your CMS Hospital Commitment to Health Equity (HCHE) measure for easy attestation and submission
  • Use the same data to support your TJC health equity requirements
  • Module is automatically updated as CMS and TJC requirements change

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Enjoy the peace of mind that only Medisolv can provide.


  • Get a quick start with our hands-on implementation and training process
  • Access on-demand and live education and guidance
  • Receive automatic specification updates
  • Problem-solve faster with easy-to-understand user guides and videos
  • Work with your dedicated Quality Advisor as much as needed, no time restraints or extra costs

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Why Quality Leaders Love It


“The Medisolv Equitable Care Module has been a godsend for me. It’s so easy to get the data in nearly real-time, sort it, and look at it in different ways.”
Jodie Franzen
Director of Performance Excellence, Duncan Regional Health

From the Quality Frontlines

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Equitable Care Measures Review

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How to Measure Health Equity

5 tips to help you get started on the path to better health equity data.

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