Quality Reporting for Hospitals
Quality Reporting for Hospitals
Quality Reporting for Hospitals

Quality Reporting for Hospitals

CMS has now linked Medicare payments to quality performance which means quality reporting for hospitals is essential. You need a quality reporting software that will help you report to the CMS and The Joint Commission quality reporting programs and improve your hospital’s quality results. Medisolv offers a complete quality reporting solution including software, consulting and submission services.

Medisolv Supports:


CMS Hospital Quality Programs:

  • Inpatient Quality Reporting Program (IQR)
  • Outpatient Quality Reporting Program (OQR)
  • Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction (HAC)
  • Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP)
  • Meaningful Use Program


The Joint Commission Quality Programs:

  • Both abstracted and electronic quality reporting



American Hospital Association Endorses Medisolv's Quality Reporting SolutionThe Quality Reporting and Management Solution from Medisolv has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

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Key Features

  • Supports both eCQMs and abstracted measures.
  • Advanced software functionality allows hospitals to compare eCQM and abstracted measures results in a comparison dashboard.
  • Features key claims based measures for patient safety, hospital acquired conditions and readmissions.
  • Automated daily extracts of EHR data and measure calculations for near real-time reporting.
  • Medisolv implementation requires no technical resources from the client.
  • Medisolv consultants provide best practice workflow optimization guidance for eCQMs.
  • Medisolv offers data validation and submission services.

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