OPAL for Provider Performance

Provider Performance Software


Medisolv’s OPAL software makes it easy for hospitals to meet their Ongoing and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) requirements for The Joint Commission.

Extract data directly from the MEDITECH Data Repository

Focus on physician care by comparing physicians’ performance against their peer groups, using provider information pulled directly from your MEDITECH DR.

Make thorough evaluations based on real-time data

Users can view pertinent physician data, including readmission and mortality rates, length of stay and patient outcomes.

Compare physicians to peer groups by provider specialties

Categorize physicians into different specialties and pair those physicians with specific measures.

OPAL is a great way for your hospital’s medical staff to better manage their workload while ensuring accurate and effective OPPE compliance.

OPAL Provider Performance

OPAL Features: 

  • Make thorough evaluations based on real-time data.
  • View pertinent data, including readmissions and mortality rates, length of stay and outcomes.
  • Ability to annotate and document reviews in provider-specific files.
  • Upload scanned documents to support the review process.
  • Monitor and identify upcoming reviews for providers by user-defined time periods.
  • Assign responsibility of measure results to the Admitting, Discharging or ED Physician or the Principal Surgeon instead of assigning everything to the Attending.
  • Place providers on FPPE and monitor them more frequently as needed.
  • Data is refreshed daily from the MEDITECH Data Repository.

Analyze Providers By:

Patient outcomes based on National Patient Safety and Quality measures

CMS and The Joint Commission Core Measure results

Utilization of resources for their Top 10 DRGs

Patient length of stay

Mortality Rates

Readmission Rates

OPAL automates gathering performance data on individual providers and compares them to their peers – by specialty – using data extracted directly from the MEDITECH Data Repository.