Simple to understand Quality downloads


2021 Hospital IQR Program Requirements

In this eBook we break down the list of requirements, submission method details and program deadlines for the IQR program in 2021.


2021 Quality Reporting Deadlines Calendar

To help you with new requirements and multiple deadlines, we’ve put together a complete schedule of your 2021 Hospital Quality Reporting program deadlines.


Hybrid Measure Implementation Guide

Understanding the hybrid measure isn't easy. We explain how the measure is captured and mapped in your EHR and how CMS will calculate and measure your performance.


Opioid Measure Implementation Guide

CMS released a new eCQM, CMS 506: Safe use of Opioids - Concurrent Prescribing. By 2022, your hospital is required to report your performance for three quarters of the year.


2021 Hospital Star Ratings Calculation

CMS made significant changes to the way the Hospital Star Ratings are calculated. Download this infographic that summarizes the calculation.

IQR Program Measure Removal Guide

Constant measure changes! Download this guide to receive a complete list of measures being removed from the IQR program between now and 2021.

Data Quality Checklist & Monitoring Plan

Does your hospital fulfill each dimension of data fitness? Download our data fitness review chart for your hospital's measures and checklist for each dimension of data fitness.

CMS & TJC Measure Lists

In this Excel workbook, we’ve laid out the CMS and TJC measure lists side-by-side so you can easily identify the differences.

2020 Quality Reporting Bundle

Download this info-packed zip file to receive charts of CMS and TJC program reporting requirements, a complete measure list from both programs, plus dates and deadlines.


CMS Web Interface Transition Guide

In 2022 CMS is retiring the CMS Web Interface option. In this guide we will review your CMS Web Interface options for 2021 and then show you equivalent measures for 2022. We also provide a few thoughts on strategies to make 2022 successful.


An Overview of MIPS 2021

In this eBook, you’ll get a detailed overview of QPP/MIPS and find all the information needed to complete the program in 2021. Information includes eligibility criteria, new reporting framework,, category requirements and important dates to remember.


An Overview of MIPS 2020

In this eBook, you’ll get a detailed overview of MIPS and find all the information needed to complete the program in 2020. Information includes eligibility criteria, reporting options, category requirements and important dates to remember.


Calculating Profitability from the MEDITECH DR

Here we review 3 common methodologies, give examples of cost and profitability reports for your hospital and list things to consider before beginning implementation.

Readmissions Prevention Checklist

Download this handy checklist for advice on how to help your hospital get started on a plan to intervene with your high-risk inpatients.

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