Quality Management for Hospitals

Hospitals are burdened with the dual task of maintaining a quality program that fulfills regulatory reporting requirements and provides accurate data to stakeholders to help improve quality performance. But providing excellent patient care at a low cost is challenging while keeping up with ever-changing regulations, rising expenses and limited resources.


Medisolv has the tools you need.

Medisolv Software Solutions

Electronic Measures

Medisolv’s acclaimed quality management software, ENCOR, provides timely eCQM performance data to assist hospitals in improving their performance and easily submitting to regulatory programs.


  • All hospital eCQMs for CMS and The Joint Commission are fully supported.
  • eCQM data is refreshed daily for timely visibility into measure performance.
  • Drill down to patient, practice and provider-level details.
  • Data extraction and normalization from multiple EHRs, if necessary.
  • Full submission services to CMS.

Abstracted Measures

Medisolv’s industry-leading quality management software, ENCOR, makes chart abstraction easier with daily updated data and pre-populated patient information. The ENCOR software is designed to assist hospitals in successfully meeting their reporting requirements for CMS and The Joint Commission.


  • Pre-populated data from your EHR is automatically loaded into each case.
  • Data is updated daily so abstractors don’t have to wait to begin abstraction.
  • Cases are easily sorted by status, so abstractors can see which cases are complete or incomplete.
  • SKIP logic guides the abstractor through each case and notifies them when the case has passed or failed the measure.
  • Full submission services to CMS.


Compare your quality and safety measure performance against others nationwide. The ENCOR benchmarking application allows users to assess organizational performance, enhance transparency and make better informed decisions regarding quality management and reporting.


Unlike other benchmarking solutions, this displays up-to-date (quarterly) Medisolv national benchmarks. This is also the first software application of its kind that has eCQM benchmarks available.

Included measures

  • Hospital eCQMs
  • Ambulatory eCQMs
  • Chart-abstracted HQR measures
  • AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators (PSI)
  • AHRQ Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQI)
  • Readmission measures
  • HBIPS (in development)


Make sense of the noise with useful insights into quality and patient safety performance data. The ENCOR dashboards centralize all quality measures into one easy-to-use, robust reporting solution, which provides insight into key pay-for-performance programs.


  • Interactive dashboards help you to easily spot areas of underperformance.
  • Compare performance against internal goals and national benchmarks.
  • Drill down to patient-level details to identify where something went wrong.
  • Managers can see the quality measure performance of all of their hospitals and practices from one central location.

Business Intelligence

Medisolv’s RAPID software allows medical professionals to easily extract EHR data to make smarter operational and fiscal decisions. Near-real time and predictive analytics allows you to improve performance and manage costs.


  • View, track and analyze relevant data across departments such as quality, clinical, ED and billing.
  • Daily updated data allows departments to make timely interventions.
  • Predictive analytics helps manage high risk patients by forecasting their risk of readmission.
  • Data includes electronic, abstracted and claims measure results.

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