Quality Reporting for Hospitals

CMS has now linked Medicare payments to quality performance, which means quality reporting for hospitals is essential. You need a quality reporting software that will help you report to the CMS and The Joint Commission quality reporting programs and improve your hospital’s quality results. Medisolv offers a complete quality reporting solution including software, consulting and submission services.

Medisolv Software Solutions

ENCOR for electronic measures for hospitals


ENCOR for electronic measures captures a hospital’s Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs). It is designed to assist hospitals in monitoring and improving their quality measure performance.


  • Easily identify why a patient passed, failed or was excluded from a population.
  • Drill down to the patient-level detail.
  • Submission services to the CMS IQR, Meaningful Use and The Joint Commission ORYX ® initiative for quality improvement programs.

ENCOR for abstracted measures


ENCOR for abstracted measures is a comprehensive, state of the art, quality reporting application designed to simplify and improve the abstraction process.


  • “Smart” abstraction worksheets supplemented with EHR data.
  • SKIP logic guides the abstractor through their worksheet, saving time and flagging areas for improvement.
  • Supports regulatory reporting of core measures to CMS and The Joint Commission.

ENCOR dashboard module


All products feature a Dashboard with color-coded performance results. Hospitals can easily compare their performance against internal goals and national benchmarks.

Included measures

  • Hospital eCQMs
  • Chart-abstracted HQR measures
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions
  • AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators (PSI)
  • AHRQ Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQI)
  • Readmission
  • Ambulatory eCQMs
  • Mortality Measures
  • Imaging Efficiency Measures

RAPID for business intelligence


RAPID empowers your end users with an easy-to-use analytics tool that features a wealth of pre-loaded content. Near-real time and predictive analytics allows you to improve performance and manage costs.


  • Easy-to-use interface that empowers even the least tech-savvy users.
  • Manage high-risk inpatient populations before discharge with a predictive analytics tool.
  • Improve performance in throughput, efficiency, profitability, patient outcomes and length of stay.

AHA Endorses Medisolv's ENCOR softwareThe Quality Reporting and Management Solution from Medisolv has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.


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