RAPID for Clinical & Business Intelligence

A complete turn-key solution for your retrospective and predictive analytics needs. RAPID combines a wealth of predefined content with end user software tools to empower non-technical workers. Make your analytics environment HIPAA compliant using built-in, multi-layered security and access control.


RAPID has a quick deployment requiring no technical resources from the client. Medisolv engineers remotely monitor daily data uploads and performance.

Your data is growing exponentially and so are the information needs of your staff. They are constantly pressured to improve quality and reduce costs. If your data is trapped in silos and you do not have the resources or large budget to solve this problem, then RAPID is your answer. RAPID is the most cost-effective, yet comprehensive analytics package designed specifically for small to medium sized hospitals.



  • Easily modify, save and publish the rich clinical, financial and operations standard content.
  • Set up information delivery on their own schedules using the Scheduler function.
  • Automatically create Microsoft Excel pivot tables across key areas using predefined templates.
  • Export data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF formats.
  • Publish internal or external content to collaborate with individuals or groups of users.
  • Manage high risk inpatient populations with integrated predictive models to forecast risk of readmission after discharge.
  • Track actuals vs budgets for departmental responsibility in near real-time.
  • Utilize multiple dashboards, which is ideal for departmental KPIs.



  • Increase throughput and efficiency to reduce cost.
  • Increase revenue and profitability.
  • Improve patient outcomes.
  • Decrease length of stay.

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