Hospital Analytics Software

Make smarter decisions.


Medisolv’s RAPID software allows medical professionals to easily extract EHR data to make smarter operational and fiscal decisions.


Track and pull reports of readmissions data in historic or real-time.

Cost and Profitability

Monitor hospital budgets with financial reports that are updated daily.

ED Throughput

Keep a patient’s journey on track and measure timestamps throughout the entire visit.

If your data is trapped in silos and you do not have the resources or large budget to solve this problem, then RAPID is your answer.

RAPID Features: 

  • View, track and analyze relevant data across departments such as quality, clinical, ED and billing
  • Directly integrated with the MEDITECH Data Repository (DR)
  • Daily updated data allows departments to make timely interventions
  • Data includes electronic, abstracted and claims measure results
  • Predictive analytics helps manage high risk patients by forecasting their risk of readmission
  • Easily build customized reports that can be shared with management on a weekly, monthly or custom basis
  • Track actuals vs. budgets for departmental responsibility in near real-time
Rapid Analytic Software

Impact on hospital performance:

Increase throughput & efficiency to reduce cost

Increase revenue and profitability

Improve patient outcomes

Decrease patient length of stay

RAPID combines a wealth of predefined content with end user software tools to empower non-technical workers.