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Medisolv Academy Courses

Electronic Clinical Quality Measures 101


In this first course, we review the basics of eCQMs. Everything from how they got their start to how they differ from your chart-abstracted measures. We also explain which quality programs require eCQM submission for successful completion of their program.

In this course you will learn:

  1. The evolution of eCQMs
  2. How eCQMs are used in a hospital setting
  3. The difference between Clinical Quality Measures and eCQMs
  4. Which programs use eCQMs for reporting


3 videos in this course
14:37 completion time

The Components of eCQMs


In this second course we review the components that make up an eCQM. We review how to read an eCQM specification including the data elements and value sets. We also explain how eCQMs are calculated.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to read an eCQM specification
  2. What are eCQM data elements and value sets
  3. How eCQMs are calculated


3 videos in this course
16:19 completion time

The eCQM Implementation Process


In course three of this series we are explain how to implement eCQMs in a hospital setting. We start with a basic overview of the process and then review how to perform your own current state assessment and how to map eCQMs to your EHR.

In this course you will learn:

  1. The eCQM implementation process overview
  2. How to perform a current state assessment
  3. How to set up eCQM mapping


3 videos in this course
14:57 completion time

Validating your eCQMs


In this final course, we focus on the topic of using your eCQMs for performance improvement. This course explores how to use the data coming out of your eCQM reporting tool to drive improvement within your organization. This course is designed for people who are already familiar with eCQM basics, have implemented eCQMs in their hospital and are in the eCQM maintenance phase which involves ongoing validation and performance improvement.

In this course you will learn:

  1. Creating a successful team structure for optimal performance improvement
  2. How to create a data validation plan
  3. What the data validation process looks like
  4. How to use data validation and analysis for performance improvement


4 videos in this course
19:38 completion time

Regulatory Requirements

We take pride in keeping our audience up to date with the ever-changing reporting requirements. Below you will find some videos and downloadable material that will help you stay on track.

CMS IQR Program

TJC ORYX Program

Downloadable Resources

[E-BOOK] 2020 IQR Program Requirements

[E-BOOK] Hybrid Measure Quick Start Guide

[GUIDE] IQR Program Measure Removal Guide

[CHECKLIST] 2019 eCQM Reporting Checklist

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